Savuti River

The Savuti River seasonally flows into the expansive Savuti Marsh. In the 1980s the Savuti River dried up and only in 2010 did it begin to flow again, changing the landscape from dry and barren to an oasis, with a range of different animals frequenting the area. Herds of elephants, zebra, buffalo, giraffe, impala, wildebeest – to mention just a few – can be seen around the Marsh. Savuti is also well known for its lion prides, with leopards, wild dogs and the occasional cheetah also being seen in this area. Waterflow into the Marsh cannot be guaranteed at your time of travel; however, if the Savuti River is not flowing there are waterholes that are pumped. This means that the game frequent the area anyway, thereby ensuring the Savuti area is always worth a visit.