While the origins of the word « Ethiopia » are uncertain, the country itself is widely considered to be the site of the emergence of anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens, in the Middle Paleolithic about 200,000 years ago. This country, one of the most ancient in the world, has a very rich history of various dynasties and emperors ruling the country until it became a federal democratic republic in 1991.

Geographically, this country consisting of 435,000 sq km is the 27th largest in the world, with a major portion of the land lying on the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is an ecologically diverse country, ranging from the deserts along the eastern border with Eritrea to the tropical forests in the south to extensive Afromontane in the northern and southwestern parts. Lake Tana in the north is the source of the Blue Nile.

The country also has a large number of endemic species, notably the gelada baboons, the walia ibex and the Ethiopian wolf (“Simien fox”). The wide range of altitude has given the country a variety of ecologically distinct areas, and this has helped to encourage the evolution of endemic species in ecological isolation.

The landscapes and wildlife of the north of Ethiopia and the Simien Mountains

November to April

9 days / 7 nights - from £ 3,490 per person

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The Abyssinian Wolves and the Birds of the Bale Mountains

September to April

13 days / 11 nights - from £ 4,050 per person

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Ethiopia Module A: The landscapes and wildlife of the Bale and Simien Mountains

November to April

12 days / 10 nights - from £ 4,680 per person

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Ethiopia Module B: The culture and tribes of the Omo Valley

November to April

8 days / 6 nights - from £ 2,280 per person

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Useful Information

Capital city: Addis Ababa

Flight time from Europe: 7 hours 30 minutes (direct)

Time difference: GMT + 3 hours

Best time to go: September to April

Visas: Required for UK passport holders

Health requirements: Yellow fever certificate required. Cholera, malaria and dengue fever occur in some areas. Visit your health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures.

Language: Amharic

Currency: Ethiopian Birr

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