The province of Manitoba is one of the three « prairie provinces », with a surface area of 650,000 sqkm and a population of just 1.2 million habitants, living mainly in the far southern regions. Such a low density of population gives a feel of the importance of nature and wide expanses in this area, which is almost half covered by forests. The other feature of this province is its 110,000 lakes, which cover a sixth of its surface area.

It is the northern part of Manitoba that is the most interesting in terms of wildlife as it has a saltwater coastline bordering the Hudson Bay and this is where Churchill, the “Polar bear capital” is located.

This nickname is due to the presence of polar bears when they gather, mainly at the end of October, and wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze to continue their migration further north. Churchill is also the last town of the trips that allow viewing of polar bear cubs emerging from their dens in February and March. The vicinity of the bears should, however, not overshadow the northern lights that can be observed during numerous nights in the skies of the northern regions of Manitoba.

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August and September

11 days / 10 nights - from £ 8,090 per person

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February and March

From 12 days / 11 nights - from £12,750 per person

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Capital city: Ottawa

Flight time from Europe: 7 hours 30 minutes (direct)

Time difference: GMT – 4 hours

Best time to go: February to November

Visas: eVisa required for UK passport holders

Health requirements: Visit your health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures

Language: English and French

Currency: Canadian dollar

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