Our philosophy

Our own background includes numerous immersions in natural ecosystems, which have made us better understand the animals and the flora, and to discover the particular peace of living at the rhythm of nature. This has allowed us to realise how to organise a holiday in a natural environment to ensure it is something different from mainstream propositions and that it offers our guests the opportunity to live a bespoke and special experience.


Our philosophy is to organise for our guests the personal experiences that they want to live and that will allow them to harmonise themselves with nature to discover the sense of a region, to rest while admiring the beauty of the landscapes, to learn the behaviour of animals or to experience extraordinary encounters. We share our passion by offering our guests all these opportunities and by allowing personal choice over which experiences are desired, while leaving the freedom to choose as much or as little activity as required.


The holidays and other travels that Autograph Safaris, inspired by Nature propose are based on the concept of allowing an immersion in natural wilderness environments and offering you the possibility to live an experience with long lasting memories, either as a traveller realising his/her dreams of holidays in preserved ecosystems, or as an amateur photographer or videographer benefiting from all the resources he/she wishes to have, to allow the creation of the images that he/she wishes.


Vincent summarises it in his own words: “Autograph Safaris design with you, and deliver to you, the natural experiences corresponding to your wishes. Inspired by Nature emphasizes our focus and how we add our passion and knowledge of nature to your service. Our objective is to make your dream of nature become your real experience.”