Our services and areas of expertise

Born from the passion of nature and wildlife photography and video, Kleber Europe SAS – Autograph Safaris offers three types of services in sub-Saharan Africa, in the Arctic, in Northern and Southern America and in Asia:

Tailor-made holidays and travels

Ideal for an individual traveller, a couple, a family or a group of friends, these holidays and travels are experiences in a number of ecosystems to allow the traveller(s) to immerse himself/herself in the beauty and the particular atmosphere of a place, rather than following a restless itinerary.

  • Although a large number of travel agents advertise their services as “tailor-made”, our specificity is that we only offer tailor-made holidays in the regions where we have been ourselves in the field and for which we have a strong knowledge of the environment. This allows us to offer you our services as specialists and provide guidance based on a real experience.
  • We are developing partnerships with local experts who have the same approach as ours and who look carefully after our guests once they arrive in the chosen country.
  • We do not own a lodge or a camp that we have to fill in order to cover our costs. Our bespoke itineraries are, therefore, the result of the wishes of our clients and derived from our discussions with them, which allows the creation of a programme that suits totally in terms of dates of travel, regions, types of flora and wildlife, standard of accommodation and budget. The itineraries on this site can, therefore, be considered as propositions or simply as a starting point to adapt to our clients’ desires to create the holidays and the experience that suit them perfectly.

Photographic and videographic wokshops, safaris and expeditions

With experience of more than 30 years in the field of nature imaging, we are passionate about wildlife photography and video. The safaris and photographic/video expeditions that we offer to other photographers or videographers, be they amateurs or semi-professionals, are, for us, an opportunity to share our passion and our knowledge in this field.

The regions we choose for these experiences are areas that we know intimately and where we are used to operating as professionals for the production of our own photographs and videos. This gives us a very high level of confidence in the opportunities that the participants will be presented and the type of shots they can realise.

In this area of activity, we attach a particular importance to the following aspects:

  • Our mission is to ensure that all the participants have an enjoyable experience and have access to all the help and support that they wish to have. The photographer-guide or videographer-guide is a recognised professional whose aim is to share his/her expertise and experience with the participants. This maximise the likelihood of producing great pictures and each participant can use, as he/she wishes, the resources available.
  • Our priorities in the field are to ensure that the participants are always in safe conditions, on the one hand, and that they are satisfied with their pictures, on the other hand. They receive advice regarding the best way to behave in the presence of the fauna, as animals are wild and can have unexpected behaviours and reactions. It is of paramount importance that this advice is followed. The participants will also have priority over the photographer-guide or videographer-guide for the realisation of their photographs and videos, as the accompanying professional has a role of guide and advisor. It is expected that he/she will produce images for himself/herself at the same time; however his/her primary mission is not the production for his/her own account.
  • Building on partnerships we have created with local experts, we look continuously for areas of special interest and itineraries off the beaten tracks. This allows the participants to have access to unique places, rarely visited, and to take pictures different from the mainstream.
  • Ethical photography and video is the only type of production of images that we practice and support. In order to produce great quality pictures of animals showing a natural behaviour and to respect them in their natural environment, we ensure that our approaches and the time we spend with the animals are always mindful of their comfort and well-being. We also adhere at any moment to the rules and regulations of the reserves and parks in which we operate.

Logistics support of professional photographers and film makers

In some regions, we represent local operators specialised in the provision of logistics solutions to recognised photographers and film makers; thus, we can not only create an itinerary or a stay for a long period of time for wildlife professionals, but we can also, in addition to the usual 4×4 vehicles modified for film making with their specialist drivers, arrange access to resources such as planes, helicopters and hot air balloons for aerial photography, and boats and other water vehicles for sea and river photography. These services include obtaining filming permits.