Our actions in favour of nature

We are grateful to Nature for offering such a wealth of landscapes, flora and wildlife on this planet and it is thanks to this that Autograph Safaris, inspired by Nature can propose the amazing holidays, travels and other experiences that it does.

Acutely aware of the challenges that the environment and wild animals face nowadays, we have decided to help a number of initiatives and conservation efforts in the following ways.

When the travel destination allows it, we offer our clients the possibility to visit and support remarkable initiatives. They range from the adoption of an orphan elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, to an encounter with teams of scientific researchers who spend their time in the field studying wildlife and finding ways to protect it or reduce human-animal conflicts.

Privately, we support the education of local populations to develop a better understanding of the importance of wildlife and tourism as a source of welfare and sustainable development, and we directly contribute to charities such as the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, Born Free, etc.

Over the past years, our actions in favour of nature and conservation have represented over 5% of the profits of the company.