With a surface area of 241,000 sqkm, Uganda is a medium sized country in East Africa, situated on the equator and landlocked, but with a coastline on the immense Lake Victoria.

This paradox is also found in the geography and ecology of Uganda as it has amazing topographical contrasts – from open savannah and dense forest through to tall and snow-capped mountains. This probably explains why Uganda was described as “the Pearl of Africa” by Sir Winston Churchill.

Western Uganda, shaped by the Great Rift Valley with its beautiful mountain lakes, provides catchment areas for the mountain rains and draining into the tributaries of the great Nile River. This is the region where most of the prime reserves are located, providing superb sightings of the Big Five and other mammals, and also of primates (and the endangered and famous mountain gorillas and chimpanzees) and an extraordinary number of bird species, which deserve a safari in their own right.

As Uganda’s opening to nature tourism is relatively new, safaris in this country will benefit from a greater degree of exclusivity.

Discovery of the Mountain Gorillas, the Golden Monkeys and the Batwa people of Uganda

January to March & June to October

5 days / 4 nights - from £ 4,590 per person

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The highlights of nature in Uganda: a focus on birds and wildlife

December to March & June to October

11 days / 10 nights - from £ 5,650 per person

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The birds, Mountain Gorillas, primates and the Batwa people of Uganda

December to March & June to October

9 days / 8 nights - from £ 7,390 per person

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Useful Information

Capital city: Kampala

Flight time from Europe: 10 hours (to Entebbe via Cairo)

Time difference: GMT + 3 hours

Best time to go: December to March, June to September

Visas: Required for UK passport holders

Health requirements: Yellow fever certificate required. Cholera, malaria and dengue fever occur in some areas. Visit your health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures.

Language: Swahili

Currency: Udangan Shilling

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