Khwai Concession

The Khwai Concession is a private reserve adjacent to the world-renowned Moremi Game Reserve, separated from this reserve by the Khwai River.

The concession area has lattices of twinkling lagoons and channels where the water is so clear that one can see right to the sandy bottom. In the early morning, as the mist rises from the water, little bee-eaters perched in fluffy groups on the papyrus, malachite kingfishers diving, darting silver fish jumping, and possibly even some otters may be observed in this mysterious and very wild place.

As there is no fence between Moremi, in the South, and the Khwai River, animals move freely between the two areas.

In this area you may have the added possibility of walking and driving at night with a spotlight to enable you to discover some of the area’s nocturnal creatures. Walking and night driving is not permitted inside the National Parks so this is a bonus to the Khwai area.

The Khwai Concession has produced some amazing wildlife sightings over the recent years.

The wildlife that can be seen in this area includes lion, leopard, wild dog, buffalo, elephant, the occasional sable and roan, plus various general game species. The advantage in this area is that you may be lucky enough to see some of the nocturnal species, due to the possibility of returning to camp after dark, examples include springhare, civet, genet, owls, amongst others.

Should you wish to walk in the Khwai area, please request this on confirmation of your trip so that a rifle may be sent to the camp for this purpose.