A typical day in search of the Abyssinian Wolf

A typical day in search of the Abyssinian Wolf begins before sunrise, when all the members of our group gather around the campfire for a hot drink and some biscuits.

The group then heads to the places where Abyssinian Wolves had been spotted the day before and go “on the lookout”, hoping that the first rays of sun will take the adults and then the young out of the dens where they spend the night. The animals usually go out to warm up, clean themselves, and the cubs take advantage of these moments to stretch their legs and initiate the first games of the day.

It takes some time for the pack to move, which offers a privileged observation period, and go hunting alone or as couples. The wolves stay in touch with other members of their pride by sound signals that participants become quickly accustomed, and constantly attentive, to and this is an additional way to spot wolves.

After having been able to, in the beautiful light of the morning, enjoy the intimacy of the wolves, a well-deserved breakfast is served.

The day continues with the research and monitoring of the wolves, both by car and during small hikes. Efforts can sometimes be rewarded by watching a wolf hunt or a mating.

Lunch usually takes the form of a picnic that allows regrouping and resting for a while before resuming tracking, observing and photographing wolves in the afternoon.

The goal will be to stay with them a maximum amount of time and, especially, to accompany them at the end of the day, as this is the moment when the wolves greet each other, sniff and rub themselves and then, to resist the cold of the night, fall asleep huddled together.

This will be the time for our small group to return to camp, and to enjoy a good warm meal by the fire before slipping into our tents for the night.