Typical day of safari with Vincent Gesser

A typical day of safari starts with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee and biscuits at dawn to follow the rhythm of the savannah waking up.

The morning game drive leaves the lodge/camp as soon as it is permitted to drive in the Reserve with the intention of finding predators that will go hunting or have returned from their nocturnal activities.

As the sun rises the light goes through the full colour spectrum from blue to red to yellow, which represent “golden hours” to take photographs that capture a special atmosphere.

Breakfast is either served in the bush, during a break in the game drive, or upon return to the lodge/camp.

The middle of the day is the time when guests like to chill out and/or review their pictures with Vincent Gesser. You will have the opportunity to have bespoke tuition, on a one-to-one or on a small group basis, to improve your general and wildlife photography technique and put it into practice as soon as the afternoon.

After lunch, there is an afternoon game drive which entails looking for new animals or returning to some of the Big Fives spotted in the morning.

The light of the sunset facilitates stunning landscape shots before a sundowner and a return to the lodge/camp to a candlelit dinner near the campfire.


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