Henry Brousmiche

As a photographer, Henry Brousmiche is always eager to share his passion for wildlife and beyond, in order to raise awareness of the beauty but also the fragility of our planet. For 15 years he has been organizing the photo contest “Aves and the Expositions d’Art Animalier de Namur” and he has just launched the “Drone Film & Photo Festival”.

Its favourite place is Torgny, a jewel of Gaumaise nature, and, beyond European borders, the locations visited during the photo trips he guides in Australia, the USA and East Africa.

“I love Ethiopia. I always want to go back.

I love helping people to discover the grandiose landscapes of this country,

its multiple ethnic groups – some quite strange – and

the incredible wealth of nature there.”

This summarizes Henry’s attraction for this welcoming country, unknown to the general public and naturalists and still preserved from mass tourism. It will delight travellers in search of wild spaces and original encounters. Henry’s book, “Ethiopia, Contrée sauvage“, published in 2009, outlines his quest.

Passing through areas rich in wildlife did not prevent Henry from opening his eyes to humanitarian problems and devoting his energy to them. Humanitarian projects in the Maasai villages of Tanzania are its visible face – 25 water reservoirs have been installed in Handeni enabling 10,000 people to access drinking water.

Adventures Art & Edition, the company Henry created, has a range of activities and has allowed him to meet photographers from all walks of life and share their experience.

Henry is also president of the Circle of Arts ASBL which works for the promotion of artists.

For more information, please follow this link to Henry’s website www.henrybrousmiche.be