Frederic Lecoq

Passionate about travel and wildlife for many years, Frederic Lecoq has moved on from his initial professional activity – as a doctor in the field of emergencies and humanitarian missions – to combine his passions. He approaches life as a happy photographer who sees the world as a playground that always amazes him: “What better vehicle than photography to testify to the wealth and fragility of the nature that surrounds us?“

Whether during humanitarian missions or to observe nature, Frederic’s camera never leaves him, which explains why his photos have received multiples awards at festivals – such as the International Festival of Animal and Nature Photography of Montier-en-Der – and have been exhibited or published in magazines such as Nat’Images, Florilège, etc.

Additionally, for several years, Frederic has been sharing his expertise in wildlife photography through the provision of training to amateur photographers of a camera club. The journeys he accompanies – and to which he brings his skills (and his irresistible sense of humour) – span countries of the American continent, from Canada in the north to Chile in the south. They revolve around photographic capture and interactive workshops for those who wish to take part. His goal is to help clients to better understand the specificities of animal photography in order to produce original pictures.

For more information, please follow this link to Frederic’s website