Alain Even

Passionate about animals since his childhood, Alain Even combines this passion with his photography skills gained since he was 20 years old. He takes advantage of his situation, which allows him to travel frequently, to specialize in travel photography and wildlife photography. This has earned him recognition from three agencies that distribute his images around the world.

He has also contributed to several books on the topic of aerostation, and his reports are regularly found in major French and European magazines.

It was from his thirties that Alain devoted most of his time to animal photography. He photographs the animal world in general but has developed a real expertise of macrophotography of lesser known and often threatened species such as batrachians, reptiles and mimetic insects.

His goal is to share and discover the natural wonders that surround us, which few people see and which unfortunately are declining, largely without awareness, through lack of knowledge or financial interest.

For this trip to Madagascar, the island-continent that Alain is an expert on due to his many visits, he will share his knowledge of the wide variety of natural environments and at the best season for the fauna and flora in areas that are still preserved from mass tourism.

Being closer to nature, in order to photograph endemic species and animals that are seriously threatened with extinction, are the conditions in which Alain will accompany this trip to allow all the participants to live an enriching and unforgettable experience.