A day in Nyungwe Forest National Park

A day in Nyungwe Forest National Park can include the following activities:

– trek to observe the most remarkable birds of the forest (including Giant hornbills, Great blue turacos and Red-breasted sparrow hawks) and to learn about their behaviours and habits with a guide specialised in birdlife

– trek to observe primates and monkeys, such as Colobus monkeys and Angola Colobus monkeys, which can be found in troops of several hundred (the largest comprises up to 450 individuals)

– take part in the exciting Nyungwe Canopy Walk. From the park information centre, descend the 40º slant via a zig-zag foot path to the first tower deep in the forest valley for the 1½ hour walk on the Canopy Walk’s suspension bridge. Besides being so high in such a picturesque location, the walk allows access to the upper parts of the forest, where one can see some unique ‘canopy’ species: apes, birds, butterflies, plants and insects, flowers, leaves, plus other animals that live in the roof of the forest. To see such aspects, otherwise invisible, at eye level or even from above, is an unforgettable experience.