Simien Lodge

Known for being the highest hotel in the whole of Africa, at 3,260 metres above sea level, Simien Lodge is situated on a panoramic promontory in the heart of the Simien National Park.

It is the ideal “base camp” for exploring the Simien Mountains and it offers visitors the opportunity to stay in 26 stunning “tukels”. A tukel is the name Ethiopians give to a house. In the case of Simien Lodge, a tukel is separated into two bedrooms. Each bedroom has queen-size beds with pure white cotton sheets and large duvets, and a bathroom with shower (heated by the sun with an electric back-up). The tukels each have a sheltered balcony.

The restaurant, with its beautiful dining room, is a spacious space with a wood fire in the centre, where visitors can enjoy excellent varied and international dishes.