Mara Serena Lodge

Located on the top of the highest hill of the Trans-Mara area and offering the guests an extraordinary panorama of savannah and the meandering of the Mara River with its hippo pools, Mara Serena Lodge is one of the very few camps and lodges present in the famous “Triangle of the Maasai Mara”.

The lodge has an eco-friendly design and a style inspired by the manyattas, which are the traditional habitations of the Maasai tribe. Despite its size, this lodge is remarkably well integrated in its environment and each room is individually decorated.

The unique location of this lodge allows easy exploration of this part of the Maasai Mara reserve along the Tanzanian border. This makes Mara Serena Lodge an ideal base camp for the photographic safaris in the “Triangle of the Maasai Mara”.


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